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Traditional Thai-Massage (Nuad Thai) - 60min - 49,00€

Full body Massage, no oil used. Therapists use their hands, palms, forarms, feet, elbows and knees to apply pressure according to the system of energetical lines and trigger points. They also will stretch your muscles, tendons and joints. This helps to loosen tensions and restore the natural flow of energy.


Balinese Massage (Nuad Bali) - 60min - 47,00€

Full body massage with oil. Emphasis is placed on the back, neck and shoulders. Wide hand movements and delicate meandering over the skin are combined with pressure techniques. Improves circulation, creates harmony of body and mind, stress is soothed away. Excellent starting massage for beginners.


Lomi Lomi Maassage (Nuad Lomi) - 60min - 47,00€

Full body Hawaiian massage with oil. Movements and pressure are applied with thumbs, knuckles, elbows and hands. Relaxes muscles and creates mental wellbeing. Over centuries these techniques have been used by the Hawaiian people.


Ayurvedic-Massage (Nuad Naman Ron) - 60min - 47,00€

Full body massage with oil. By the use of warm oil and rhythmic movements this massage brings relaxation to the whole body. Hands and palms are used preferably. With relaxation of the body mind and soul will also find ease and wellbeing.


Foot Reflexology Massage (Nuad Thao) - 60min - 47,00€

The foot massage is good for stimulating the activity of internal organs. It improves blood flow and lymph ciruclation. Stress is eliminated and the function of internal organs are harmonized. We use our hands and fingers along with a small wood stick on specific ponits of the foot with either cream or oil.


Herbal Thai Massage (Nuad Look Pra Khob) - 60min - 55,00€

Full body massage using herbal pindas. Carefully choosen Thai herbs are placed in a small bag named pinda and are heated with hot steam. By applying the hot pindas to the skin the herbal essences are taking effect. The combination of heat and herbal essence improves circulation, reduces pain and soothes stressed or inflamed ligaments and muscles. This offer depends on the availability of the Thai herbs.


Hot Stone Massage (Nuad Hin Ron) - 75min - 60,00€

Full body massage using hot stones. Hot lava stones and oil are used. The heat and energy coming out from the stones will help to restore balance to the body and to harmonize the autonomic nervous system.


Prenatal and Postnatal Massage (Nuad Khon Thong) - 60min - 47,00€

Full body massage with oil. After the first trimenon, i.e from the 4th month of pregnancy, massages in pregnancy are recommended. Child and expectant mother will equally benefit from the relaxing and soothing effect of a full body massage. After birth, massage promotes regression of stretch marks.


Sukhothai Massage - 90min - 75,00€
Sukhothai Massage - 120min - 95,00€

Full body massage. This offer combines the traditional Thai Massage based on pressure and stretching (Nuad Thai, no oil used) with the Ayurvedic Massage (Nud Naman Ron, with oil).


Siam Express Massage - 45min - 35,00€
Siam Express Massage - 60min - 47,00€

Massage with oil. The back, legs and head are treated. In just 45 minutes this offer brings to you a very relaxing massage experience.


Children aged 4-9 years - 30min - 25,00€
Children aged 4-9 years - 45min - 35,00€

Full body massage with baby oil. Soothes and relaxes. Promotes natural cycle of sleep.


Children aged 10-15 years - 45min - 35,00€
Children aged 10-15 years - 60min - 45,00€

Full body massage with baby oil. Soothes and relaxes. Promotes natural cycle of sleep.


Back Massage - 30min - 25,00€

Relaxing Massage oft he back, shoulders, neck and head.


Legs Massage - 30min - 25,00€

Eliminates tension and soothes stressed muscles. Promotes blood circulation.